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Alpine Insulation: Victoria BC.only full service insulation company on Vancouver Island

Established in 1979, Alpine Insulation Ltd. is the only full service insulation company on Vancouver Island. View our services for a full listing and explanation of the different insulation and Spray Foam services we supply.

Our 30 staff and employees have over 250 years of insulation experience on commercial, residential renovation and new home construction projects. If you have some work to be done or are even just considering an upgrade, please call our office at 250-384-0985 and someone will gladly schedule an appointment for a free in-home estimate, or you can speak with one of our estimators over the phone.

We accept Mastercard and Visa payments up to $5,000/job.

What Alpine does to ensure the safe use and application of SPF

Product Choice: Why we spray Polarfoam Soya Spray foam

Alpine Insulation: Polar Foam Urethane Foam Insulation - Soya basedAlpine strictly uses Polarfoam PF-7300-0 SOYA ecological spray foam (summer and winter formulas) from Polyurethane Foam Systems Inc. – member of the Canadian Urethane Foam Manufacturers Association.  With zero ozone depletion substances and made with recycled plastics and renewable vegetable oils, it is an ecologically conscious insulation which conforms to the LEED building program and is applied exclusively by licensed installers and contractors under the application standard CAN/ULC S705.2. This spray foam meets all of the requirements of the Montreal protocol for ozone layer protection. This spray foam exceeds the highest requirements for VOC with the GREENGUARD Children and School© certification and the GREENGUARD indoor air quality certification. This foam is one of only two spray foams that have been tested and approved for use in schools and hospitals in California under this certification. The spray foam is tested every three months in order to maintain its certification.

This spray foam product surpasses the CAN/ULC S705.1-01 Standard (and amendments) for thermal insulation in its classification. The standard requires that it only be sold to Licensed Contractors who have installers that have been trained and certified by a Certifying Organization and that the Certifying Organization provides a quality assurance program for the proper installation of the product.

It exceeds the air barrier requirements of the national building code of Canada by 500 times and is evaluated and approved by the National Research Council under Canadian Construction Material Centre Listing #13244-L.

Third Party SPF Technician Training

Alpine Insulation - Caliber Quality Solutions Inc. All of Alpine’s sprayfoam technicians have completed the Professional Skills Development Institute’s certification program for medium density sprayed polyurethane foam. This is the most credible and respected program in the industry. This program is used by Caliber Quality Solutions Inc (Caliber) as part of their Quality Assurance Program. The certification program is wholly managed by PSDI as a 3rd party organization and provides credibility over manufacturer-initiated quality assurance programs. PSDI certification has been accepted by the National Research Council of Canada’s Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC) for over 20 years.

PSDI administers and manages their certification program in accordance with the ISO/IEC 17024:2003: Conformity assessment – General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons. PSDI is committed to on-going quality improvement. As part of Caliber’s quality assurance program, PSDI certified installers are promoted as the premier installers in the industry to architects, building owners, building officials and government departments.

The training program provides the education to the installer. It is the basis to ensure that all installers possess the appropriate level of skill and have met the established levels of competency. An annual renewal, along with appropriate upgrading will ensure this level of competency be maintained by the industry. Once trained and they have successfully completed the certification test instruments, the spray foam installer is certified to install spray polyurethane foam. The training program ensures that installers are competent to install the product according to the manufacturer's instructions, the national installation standard, the installation specifications published by Caliber and the requirements of the Caliber quality assurance program.

The National Standard and Our Quality Assurance Program

Sprayed Polyurethane Foam has a national installation standard (CAN/ULC-S705.2). This standard for installation has received a Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) evaluation number and demands that a third party organization operate a Quality Assurance Program to ensure the standard is adhered to. Caliber provides that program and as a member, Alpine and Island Spray Foam adhere to those requirements. Alpine is required to have at least one certified installer on each job site at all times.

The program has been developed specifically to exceed the needs of building owners, architects, engineers and other professionals looking at using sprayed polyurethane foam for their projects. The SPF Quality Assurance Program used by Caliber has been developed using ISO 9000 principles. The SPF Quality Assurance Program requires the product meet the Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) material standard and the ULC Installation standard (CAN/ULC-S705.1 and S705.2). These National Standards provide the backbone for the Quality Assurance Program for the sprayed polyurethane foam industry. Alpine’s commitment to this program not only helps to assure customers that Alpine will use a certified, quality product, it also aims to assure customers that the job will be done properly. This differentiates Alpine from other sprayfoam contractors in the greater Victoria area.

Caliber requires that all of Alpine’s installers are certified to the national standard. Alpine’s installers must undertake and pass training from an independent third party organization. They are issued a photo identification, which is renewed yearly and may be revoked or suspended at any time.

The program requirements include the selection of chemical components, application requirements, quality control and documentation of the application, limitations for the application and requirements for safety and for disposal of associated waste material and packaging.

An independent inspection system provides ongoing training and spot surveillance to ensure that installers continue to follow the high standards set forth in the SPF Quality Assurance Program used by Caliber. Inspectors form an important link in the Quality Assurance Program, observing and providing feedback on each installer's abilities.

Installers complete and maintain records for each job. The contractor is obligated to forward a copy of the daily work sheets, a summary sheet or the information in another form to the Caliber office each month. A Job Site Label is attached at the location where the product is installed.

Once the daily work sheets are received they are databased. The database enables Caliber to maintain a record of jobs completed by all certified installers. This provides for continuous monitoring of installers and product, allowing the administrator to identify trends. The database tracks job site work, tracking individual manufacturers/suppliers and consumers to ensure quality control.

The license which Alpine and Island Sprayfoam operate under must be renewed yearly and may be revoked or suspended at any time.

The Third Party Warranty That Covers Our Work

All licensed Caliber contractors must meet the installation requirements of the CAN/ULC S705.2 Installation Standard and all the installation requirements of the manufacturer. All manufacturers listed on the Caliber web site provide a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program which customers can contact if they have any questions or problems. The Quality Assurance Program acts as a conciliator to resolve all issues. The Quality Assurance Program investigates any complaints and conducts inspections. If there are any deficiencies from the Standard, the contractor must correct the deficiencies and if they are unwilling or unable to do so, the 3rd party warranty provided under the Quality Assurance Program will correct the problem up to the limits set by the Program.

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