Interior walls or ceilings for sound

There is nothing more annoying than hearing everything that is going on in the room above you. Often this is the result of a variety of sound factors working together, which means that no one solution will remove all of the different forms of noise that are being created.

There is noise that is created when objects make contact with the floor surface above. The harder the materials are that are making contact, the louder the noise. (Hardwood floors are particularly bad for creating this kind of noise.) This type of noise can largely be eliminated with the installation of carpeting or area rugs.

There is also noise created when there is no insulation between floors. Insulation acts as a baffle and mutes the sound that comes from above. If the noise that you are hearing is hollow or drum-like, you can probably eliminate it by blowing insulation into the cavity between the floor joists in the ceiling. Alpine will drill a series of 2 inch holes in your ceiling and then fill the joist cavities using our dense pack pressurized hose injection system. Upon completion, we will patch and texture the holes that were created making our best efforts to match the original finish.

Finally, there is vibrational noise which is a result of the transfer of sound through building materials. Drop ceilings or res bar can help to reduce this kind of noise but typically these systems cost at least double what the other two options cost combined. Understanding what type of noise you are trying to eliminate is a critical first step when looking at possible solutions for your noise problems.