Spray Fibre for Parkades and Slabs

Monoglass® is a spray applied, non-combustible thermal and acoustic insulation material. Since 1979 Monoglass® has been the leading spray applied glass fiber insulation in North America.

Monoglass® Insulation provides architects and building owners with a solution to difficult to insulate areas. Monoglass® can be applied to concrete, steel, wood, glass, gypsum, fireproofing or other insulation materials. It can be sprayed to a depth of 5" / 125mm on to almost any surface configuration to achieve an R-20 without need for mechanical support.

"Green Spec" lists Monoglass® as a green building product. Monoglass® is non-toxic and contains post-consumer re-cycled glass. Because Monoglass® is inorganic, it will not support mold or bacterial growth.

Across Canada in diverse climate conditions, Monoglass permanently maintains our environment - warm / cold and quiet.

Monoglass is a complete system of soft glass fibres combined with patented binders that are machine applied to a carpet-like texture, trapping air, for high thermal insulation and sound energy absorbtion. Upon curing, the systems adhesives are not chemically or water soluble - assuring permanent performance. It is non-combustible, and complies with or exceeds applicable Canadian building codes allowing use in all building structures.