Your Project

New Home Construction

Alpine carries out insulation activities for over 800 residential building projects a year. We have an excellent record when it comes to meeting deadlines, passing inspections and providing exceptional service. With 4 full-time estimators and 30 full-time insulators, we are able to meet and accommodate the flexible nature of residential construction projects.

Residential Upgrades and Renovations

Regardless of the size of your renovation or upgrade Alpine is available to provide you with a variety of services and products to suit your needs. One of our estimators will be happy to walk through your project with you to ensure that you understand all of your home’s insulation considerations in advance. Alpine is the only full-service insulation provider on Vancouver Island, which means we can help you find the solution that meets your needs rather than trying to sell you a single product or service.

Commercial Projects

Alpine is the only Victoria based insulation company that can manage large, multi-service commercial building projects. Our experienced staff, estimators and manpower enable us to succeed at larger projects as we can dedicate the resources that are required to meet the ever changing timetable that often accompanies commercial building.

Alpine is bond-able and is familiar with Contractor Default Insurance programs such as Subguard from Zurich. While we are much more comfortable providing bonding, we will discuss any project with a client. We have long-term relationships with most of the commercial builders on the Island, and have been in business for over 34 years; which is the most valuable pre-qualification status any project owner could ask for.