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At Alpine Insulation we have over 250 years worth of insulation experience on commercial, residential renovation and new home construction projects. Each job is handled by our excellent team of trained professionals.

Warranty & Insurance

Business Insurance

Alpine is a fully insured insulation company carrying both Commercial General Liability Insurance and Equipment insurance. Alpine has had two claims in the last 30 years and is very proud of our reputation and standard of work. We deal with only the most reputable suppliers to help ensure the quality, effectiveness and longevity of our work.

Workers Insurance

All of our workers are employees of Alpine and as such are fully insured under our WorksafeBC coverage. We do not have subcontractors or pieceworkers who are responsible for having their own insurance like many other companies do. If one of our employees comes to conduct work on behalf of Alpine at your home, business or property you can be assured that they are fully insured in the event that they are injured on your premises.

For a clearance letter indicating that we are in good standing with WorksafeBC, click here and look under “Public Access to Clearance Letters”


Alpine is committed to the safety and well-being of our employees. We have taken the appropriate steps to equip them with the equipment, knowledge and training that they require to do their job safely as well as empowering them to make intelligent decisions when it comes to safety on the job.

We strive to ensure that our employees only operate in safe working conditions; however, we cannot control the conditions on every job site. We have therefore underscored to our employees that they have the obligation to refuse unsafe work. If they encounter anything that they feel is unsafe, they are to contact our office and the site superintendent in order to find a resolution to any issues that they have. We recently updated our Exposure Control Plan which covers the work that we do with spray foam and provide that to clients who request such in advance of doing any work for them.

Most of our 50 employees have received basic first aid training along with other job specific training relevant to their job. Each of our spray foam applicators has been certified and is governed by our Exposure Control Plan as required by WorkSafeBC.

Employee Training

All employees who have direct occupational exposure to sprayfoam chemicals must be certified by Caliber. (sprayers)

All employees who may have occupational exposure to sprayfoam chemicals as a technician’s helper will receive training on the composition, application, safe handling, symptoms, and spill management of sprayfoam chemicals.

Universal Precautions

All employees will utilize universal precautions when working on or around a project where spray foam is being utilized. PPE is provided to Alpine employees at no cost to them.