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Attic Insulation Services

Are you fed up with high energy bills? Tired of constantly adjusting the temperature? Your attic may be the problem. Lack of attic insulation in Victoria is one of the main culprits behind heating and cooling struggles in the home. Insulating your attic with spray foam and/or fibreglass blown insulation can increase your energy efficiency, make your home more comfortable and even improve air quality.

There are a variety of insulating products and systems that are used in homes, buildings or other projects and each have their own unique characteristics and cost. Most insulation companies provide a limited number of these products or services. As Alpine Insulation is the only full-service insulation provider on Vancouver Island, we are not limited in terms of the options that we can provide to our customers. We try to fit the best system to your needs, your building and your budget.

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The Importance of Attic Insulation

Whether you use your attic for storage or if you want to convert it to another room, attics are the first place that homeowners should consider when looking to upgrade the insulation in their home. Having an attic without proper insulation isn’t going to be fun for anyone. Heat tends to rise, and a properly insulated attic will help to retain as much heat as possible.

It is not uncommon to have homeowners say that they have never looked in their attic or that it has been years since they did. Having an Alpine Insulation representative look at your attic is a quick and easy way to check for potential problems with your roof, pests, ventilation, bed and bathroom fan performance and venting, skylights, air or water leakage and the state of your insulation. An inspection by our Victoria insulation professionals will provide information on much more than just your insulation.


It is very important that attics are well ventilated to avoid damage from moisture, mildew or odors. Soffit and roof vents are critical components of a roof system and when insulating, precautions should be taken to preserve the flow of air from the soffit, above the insulation, to the roof vents. 

Alpine Insulation estimators and installers will inform you about your existing ventilation situation and what they can do to either preserve it or improve it.

Draft Proofing

While a properly insulated attic will help to slow down your heat loss, further actions can be taken to minimize the movement of warm moist air into your attic. Sealing air leaks is one of the more inexpensive home improvement activities you can undertake and yet it yields some of the highest paybacks in terms of time and money spent.

Alpine Insulation offers draft proofing services with every attic installation that we do. Prior to adding insulation, crews will take a Hilti gun with a long nozzle and spray low expanding spray foam into and/or around fireplaces, electrical wiring, holes, or penetrations in the ceiling, pot lights and other areas. Energy auditors have identified draft proofing as “one of the best bangs for your buck when insulating your home.” We’re happy to provide a free estimate on having draft proofing done for your attic insulation.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation In Your Attic

Increased Home Value

Spray foam insulation adds value to your home by providing greater protection. This type of insulation adds value to any residential property by providing superior energy efficiency, durability, sound dampening capabilities and more. As an added bonus potential buyers may be attracted to a home with lower utility costs.

Energy Saving

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems account for more energy consumption in the home. Spray foam is one of the best forms of insulation on the market, helping homeowners reduce their energy costs. Using spray foam in the attic will cause thermal insulation between the house and the environment, and provides a built in air seal that prevents heat loss and reduces energy consumption, greatly reducing monthly bills.

Noise Reduction

Spray foam is the premium choice for insulation, particularly attic insulation. It effectively seals all gaps and crevices. Spray foam insulation helps reduce sound by expanding and covering entire surfaces that would otherwise carry noise into or out of your home. It is worth noting that while spray foam does reduce sound it does not fully eradicate sound.

Rodent & Pest Control

Small cracks and holes in your home are where rodents and other pests enter your property. Other insulation material may also provide nesting and burrowing material for rats, and mice who make their home in your attic. With spray foam insulation pests won’t have access to your home nor will they have access to nesting material. Spray foam insulations sealant properties don’t just conserve energy, it also helps to keep your home free from unwanted guests.

Mold Resistant

Warm and cold air can result in unwanted moisture collection, especially in places like the attic and basement. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, worst of all mold is sneaky and oftentimes the spread can go unseen. Most every home suffers from air leakage. Spray foam insulation is the only product of its kind that can completely seal a space. Sealing the attic is the most crucial, in terms of counteracting moisture.  Spray foam does not attract mold and unlike wood or metal spray foam does not rot, rust, or deteriorate. Its exceptional sealing properties control indoor humidity and condensation therefore preventing mold from growing to begin with.

Preventing Pollen & Allergens Entering Your Home

Traditional insulators such as fibreglass, are known to release particles that cause allergic reactions and respiratory complications. Spray foam is the only attic insulation that will not introduce airborne particles into your home. The ability of spray foam insulation to completely fill gaps and crevices in your attic and crawl space make it the best option for people with allergies. Spray foam insulation prevents allergens, dust, and outdoor air pollution from entering your home and as a solid finished product it can not be disturbed or dislodge.

The Bottom Line About Spray Foam in the Attic

If you choose spray foam insulation over budget insulation, you can expect higher home value, lower energy bills, increased comfort, better air quality and a pretty quick return on investment. Spray foam will never have to be replaced so you will never need to insulate again.

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Learn About Our Insulation Rebates Victoria

Great news for homeowners looking to upgrade the energy efficiency of their home! There are two major rebate/grant programs available to homeowners in BC: both the federal Canada Greener Homes grant program and the provincial CleanBC Better Homes rebate program.

Additionally, for households that qualify, the CleanBC program also offers an Income Qualified Program (IQP) that can cover 60% or 95% of your upgrade.

Your Alpine estimator can provide you with an idea of what you may qualify for in terms of a rebate, once they have conducted their inspection and prepared your quote. As it is the responsibility of the homeowner to apply for the grant, it is important that homeowners read and understand the program and its requirements.

Black and white photo of a person spraying fibre insulation.

Frequently Asked Questions

R-Value In the context of construction, is a measure of how well a two-dimensional barrier, such as a layer of insulation, a window or a complete wall or ceiling, resists the conductive flow of heat. In other words it is the insulation materials resistance to heat flow based on how thick the insulation is and what its made of. Greater values mean better heat flow resistance.

Air enters and exits attics without you even knowing it. In turn that leads to money leaving your bank account. The following variables will directly affect how much insulation is needed in your attic:

  • Number of walls
  • Number of windows
  • Number of doors
  • Length and width of walls
  • Length and width of windows
  • Property’s climate zone

When you make the decision to replace your attic insulation, you need to prepare the area so the insulation process proceeds easily. Clear a path from the attic to the exterior to enable our experts to quickly take away the current insulation.  The attic should be cleaned out next and if that is not possible, push any belongings away from the walls.

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