Spray Foam Insulation for Sound Deadening

Getting tired of every single little sound from the next room or outside your house? You can enjoy your quiet more by using spray foam insulation as a sound deadening tool in your home, office, suite, music, rooms, or suites. Spray foam insulation keeps the noise out at all times and maintains a constant temperature. 

Spray foam insulation can help reduce sound by filling gaps and holes that carry noise. It can be applied to walls, ceilings, roofs, and floors to reduce noise. Installing insulation specifically for sound deadening your exterior or interior walls will of course hold the heat in, but it also dampens noise transfer from both outside as well as between rooms. A common reason for this application is to muffle the outside noise on a busy street or to simply add an extra layer of sound barrier between home and suites.

Spray Foam Insulation is a good choice for soundproofing because it:

  • Expands: Spray foam expands to fill gaps and holes.
  • Forms a seal: Spray foam hardens to form a protective seal around your home.
  • Absorbs sound: Spray foam’s sound- absorbing qualities can block external noise from entering.
  • Prevents sound travel: Spray foam can prevent sound from travelling in and out of rooms or buildings.

Open cell spray foam is thicker and softer than other types of spray foam, and can reduce sound waves. Closed cell foam is denser and works better at absorbing low-frequency noise. This is because its tightly woven cells produce a closed effect.

Black and white photo of a person spraying fibre insulation.

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Sound Deadening

Seals Gaps and Crevices

When applied correctly, spray foam insulation can create an airtight seal that minimizes the passage of sound waves. It can fill gaps and crevices in walls, ceilings, and floors, reducing the transfer of airborne noise between different areas of the building.

Blocks External Noise

Water in the crawl space can cause high humidity in the home, which can lead to mold and mildew. Humidity can also weaken floor joists and therefore the foundation.

Easy and Quick to Install

Open-cell spray foam is filled with air pockets to absorb sound and vibration, it is quick and easy to install. Spray foam insulation for sound deadening can be installed in one to two days and sets quickly.

Moisture and Air Barrier

Since Spray foam blocks air from travelling through windows and doors, it also blocks sound waves. When sprayed in a thickness of at least 1.5 inches or thicker it blocks moisture and can act as a vapour barrier protecting your instruments and belongings from the moisture of Victoria.

Additional benefits of using spray foam insulation are:

  • A decrease in utility bills because it’s terrific at its job.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • Contractors can apply it to ceilings, walls, and wall crevices and cavities.

Sound Deadening vs Sound Proofing, What’s The Difference?

Sound deadening refers to the sound quality within a room, lowering the reverberations, noise transfer and quieting down the room . Spray foam Insulation is a noise dampening material that can reduce sound transmission by up to 80%. Open cell spray foam insulation absorbs sound better than closed cell and can reduce the noise between rooms, walls, and floors. however it can not completely soundproof your home. 

Soundproofing Is the isolation of a room from the outside world entirely. It refers to sound between two separate rooms, meaning creating friction to block sound completely. Insulation can deaden sound but can not block it entirely.

Sound Deadening Insulation Services

No job is too big or too small for our team. We help builders and owners alike with all of their commercial and residential needs here are just a few of the more commonly requested services we offer regularly.

Music Studio Sound Deadening

While we all love music, the process of learning and creating it can be loud and repetitive. Save the sanity of yourself and those around you and keep your creation to yourself until it is ready for the world. Sick of sound complaints from the neighbours or the guy upstairs banging on the floor. Sound deaden your music rooms and then buy a few more drums and crank that amp up to 11.

Suite Sound Deadening

Whether it’s a basement suite, in law suite, granny flat, or your teenagers room, no one wants the lack of privacy that comes with added suites and close proximity bedrooms. Ensure your privacy and that of your family and tenants with suite sound deadening. Drown out that terrible music those kids these days listen to, or keep your granny from hearing that terrible music you listen to nowadays.

Exterior Sound Deadening

An added benefit of spray foam insulation is that it reduces sound transmission. Insulating exterior walls with spray foam can reduce noise, because some sounds, particularly higher frequencies, move through gaps and cracks in a home. A quieter home is another way you can create a more comfortable home.

Sound Deadening Services Victoria

There is nothing more annoying than hearing everything that is going on in the room above you. Often this is the result of a variety of sound factors working together, which means that no one solution will remove all of the different forms of noise that are being created.

There is noise that is created when objects make contact with the floor surface above. The harder the materials are that are making contact, the louder the noise. (Hardwood floors are particularly bad for creating this kind of noise.) This type of noise can largely be eliminated with the installation of carpeting or area rugs.

There is also noise created when there is no insulation between floors. Insulation acts as a baffle and mutes the sound that comes from above. If the noise that you are hearing is hollow or drum-like, you can probably eliminate it by blowing insulation into the cavity between the floor joists in the ceiling. Alpine will drill a series of 2 inch holes in your ceiling and then fill the joist cavities using our dense pack pressurized hose injection system. Upon completion, we will patch and texture the holes that were created making our best efforts to match the original finish.

Finally, there is vibrational noise which is a result of the transfer of sound through building materials. Drop ceilings or rebar can help to reduce this kind of noise but typically these systems cost at least double what the other two options cost combined. Understanding what type of noise you are trying to eliminate is a critical first step when looking at possible solutions for your noise problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Properties with good acoustic insulation are highly sought after by homebuyers and tenants. People value the peace that sound deadening provides, especially in urban areas with high noise pollution. Investing in acoustic insulation also known as sound deadening can attract more potential buyers or renters, increasing the demand for and value of your property.

Sound deadening panels and spray foam can help reduce noise. However sound deadening panels perform better than acoustic foam, Spray foam insulation as a sound deadener out performs both as well as having the added benefit of sound control and fire protection keeping your instruments, tenants, and loved ones safer.

Open cell spray foam is thicker and softer than other types of spray foam, and can reduce sound waves. Closed cell foam is denser and works better at absorbing low-frequency noise. This is because its tightly woven cells produce a closed effect. Open cell spray foam insulation absorbs sound better than closed cell and can reduce the noise between rooms, walls, and floors. However it can not completely soundproof your home.

While it is not recommended, it is possible to do so. It may result in a number of negative consequences, including concerns with quality and health & Safety. If you decide against employing the experienced contractors, you should be aware of the seriousness of some of the hazards involved with installing your insulation sound deadening.

Painting regular acoustic foam treatments render them useless. However, you can paint your home if you are sound deadening your home using spray foam insulation. It is important that you allow spray foam insulation sound deadening treatments to cure properly before painting.

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